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Get The Bail Bonds You Need Now

Do you have a loved one in jail in York County, Chester County, or Lancaster County? Call J Moore Bonding now to get the South Carolina bail bonds you need now. Our bonding company is here to help your family at any time.

Cash Bail

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Cash bail is sometimes required by the courts. We provide the funds when necessary.

Surety Bond

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A surety bond guarantees the principal will act in accordance with certain laws.

Pre-Trial Release

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A person may be eligible for a pre-trial release on their personal recognizance.


Transfer Bonds

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A transfer bond enables your friend or family to sign legal paperwork on your behalf and acquire bail to secure your release from jail.

Assistance With Paperwork

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The stress of getting arrested and going to jail is stressful enough without the paperwork associated with a defendant’s release. We’re here to help!

York County, SC Bail Bonds

York County Prison
York County Detention Center
Moss Justice Center
Rock Hill City Jail

Chester County, SC Bail Bonds

Chester County Prison
Chester County Detention Center

Lancaster County, SC Bail Bonds

Lancaster County Detention Center
Lancaster City Jail

Bail Bond Services

The bail process can be confusing, especially when you’re dealing with the emotions of having a loved one in jail. The best thing to do is to speak to a bail bondsman. Our staff will take the time to explain the process and to help you get the bail bond services you need.

About J Moore Bonding

Not every bonding company is created equal.

At J Moore Bonding, we’re focused on providing the best possible customer service while working to get your loved one out of jail. Our locally owned and operated business holds licenses as a Limited Lines Insurance Provider and Surety Bondsman. You can trust that we’ll do our part to help your family.

Bail Bonds for South Carolina Jails

Our Service Area:

J Moore Bonding serves defendants who are in jail in York County, Chester County, and Lancaster County, SC. Service to other states and other parts of South Carolina may also be available.

Areas Served

South Carolina
– York County
– Chester County
– Lancaster County
– Other Counties Available
North Carolina

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Contact J Moore Bonding today for your bail bond needs. We service our clients with compassion, years of experience, expert knowledge, and the utmost in professionalism.

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Serving York County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Florida, North Carolina, Tennesee, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Connecticut

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